Initiated by lead artist Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-), the CareForce™ is a public art project, web series, and mobile studio (the CareForce One™) that amplifies the voices of America's fastest growing workforce —  caregivers. Created in collaboration with key organizations transforming how we see carework (Caring Across Generations, the National Domestic Workers Alliance), the CareForce™'s goal is to spark the public imagination around caregiving relationships. Join us for hands-on workshops, screenings, exhibitions, dance sessions, and pit-stops at museums, parks, libraries, worker centers, transit stops, and public spaces near you.

Web Series (Spring 2017)
Co-produced by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmaker Yael Melamede/SALTY Features), the miniseries, the CareForce One Travelogues (Sundance/Rockefeller), features Marisa, her son (Choco), and their buddy Anjum traveling in their car, the CareForce One, seeking solutions to the nation's care crisis. The team sets off in New York City and heads to Miami, meeting with caregivers and carereceivers along the way. Mixing levity with hard-hitting stories around immigration, the legacies of slavery, racial discrimination, and more, the CareForce One is a road movie that invites its viewers to laugh and cry at the same time.

Existing policies currently do not reflect the needs of caregivers nor the families they care for. By creatively thinking outside the box, we have the opportunity to redress this policy gap in order to strengthen caregivers economic security while ensuring quality care for families. Working with caregivers and a team of talented artists/filmmakers, the CareForce™ takes you along on the ride with powerful interactive stories from the front lines of this unstoppable force for justice and social change.

BOOK US to facilitate a workshop, showcase artwork and tools, enliven your outreach, and/or engage your audience to reflect and innovate at the nexus of art, domestic work, and care.


Previous highlights include interactive exhibitions and performances at The White House State of Women 2016, Brooklyn Museum, Oakland Museum, National Nanny Training Day, Peréz Art Museum Miami, and more.

Thurs Apr 13, 2017 | Panel + Workshop, Harvard University's Arts in Reflection Program, Cambridge, MA

Fri Apr 21, 2017, 4-6 pm | Closing Reception for 'Revolution at Point Zero' Exhibition at Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago

An exhibition curated by Neysa Page-Lieberman and Mel Hilliard Potter about the feminist legacy and contributions to socially-engaged art. Featured artists include Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Las Nietas de Nonó, Fem Appeal, Studio REV-, and others.

Sat April 22, 2017 (7:30 pm) | Featured Presentation/Keynote: Marisa Morán Jahn and Ai-jen Poo, Open Engagement at University of Illinois, Chicago

A presentation and conversation that explores the intersection between creativity, caregiving, feminism, immigration, socio-economic and racial justice.

Sun April 23, 2017 (12-2 pm) | CareForce Disco at Jane Addams Hull House Museum, Chicago

In conjunction with their current exhibition VOX POP: The Disco Party, that provides platforms for discontented and disenfranchised votes and voices, the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum will offer Spanish and English language tours focused on worker rights issues important to Hull-House reformers and their immigrant neighbors. The tours will culminate with a participatory ‘CareForce Disco’ workshop (facilitator: Marisa Morán Jahn with leaders from the Illinois Domestic Workers Coalition) that narrates the growing movement for affordable care, domestic workers’ rights, and immigration.
Free childcare + food for caregivers who join in!

Tues May 9, 2017 | Artist's Talk at Bennington College, VT

June 17 - Aug 20, 2017 | Museum of Capitalism (Oakland)

Check out CareForce artwork at The Museum of Capitalism, an institution dedicated to educating this generation and future generations about the ideology, history, and legacy of capitalism.

Mon June 12 (7 pm), 2017 | Presentation and Panel, YYZ (Toronto)

The CareForce's Marisa Jahn presents the CareForce in conversation with Kwentong Bayan, a collective creating a comic book documenting the leadership and organizing work of Filipin@ / Filipinx caregivers, and moderator Marissa Largo (artist, curator, educator). Christine Shaw, Director/Curator of the Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga, will speak about Take Care, a series exhibitions, workshops, and publications on the crisis of care.

July 2, 2017 | Inaugural Exhibition at Love Apple Farm

CareForce silkscreens and related media in a group exhibition curated by Jennie Lamensdorf (Art-in-Buildings). Other artists include other artists include Andrea Arrubla, Noa Charuvi, Wojciech Gilewicz, Frances Goodman, Marie Christine Katz, Kakyoung Lee, Michael Mandiberg, Debra Priestly, Jean Shin, Paul Anthony Smith, Maayan Strauss, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Elizabeth White, and others

Past Events
Jan 14, 2017 (1-4 pm) | Peréz Art Museum, Miami

Dance, children's activities, tips and takeways. Special Guest Appearance by domestic workers from the Miami Worker Center!

Nov 28, 2016-Jan 13 2017 | 'Autotopia: Road Trip to Cold War' Exhibition at BakeHouse Art Complex (Miami, FL)

A group exhibition curated by Elvis Fuentes that explores the huge impact that the auto industry has had in the visual arts of Latin America and Europe, as well as the emergence of Miami as a city of highways and point of convergence for so many immigrant artists who have left an imprint since the Cold War to the present.

Nov 3/4, 2016-Jan 2017 | 'Hidden Assembly' Exhibition at Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR)

Prints, kits, and collectible cards included in a group exhibition curated by Yaelle Amir organized around the theme of invisible labor and global capital.

Aug 26-Oct 21, 2016 | Exhibition at SPACES (Cleveland)

Prints, kits, and collectible cards included in a group exhibition curated by Yaelle Amir organized around the theme of invisible labor and global capital.

Apr 7-Aug 14, 2016 | Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum (NYC)

As part of the AgitProp! exhibition on view, visitors are invited to point their phone at the collectible cards and poster to access animated micro-videos bringing you voices from the frontlines of care.

June 18, 2016, 1:30-5 pm (Boston) at Design Studio for Social Innovation Pop Rox and 6-8 pm at Matahari Womens' Worker Center

The CareForce One joins an afternoon of public art in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood followed by a party with Matahari celebrating International Domestic Workers' Day.

June 18, 2016, 4-6 pm (NYC) | Intl' Domestic Worker Day Celebration at Barnard College

Team CareForce joins up with NYC-based domestic workers to facilitate a CareForce Disco

June 14, 2016, 8-6 pm | White House State of Women (Washington, D.C.)

A summit advancing the health, education, and socio-economic strength of women across America convened by the White House.

June 4th, 2016, 5-8 pm | Dance Workshop + Mobile Studio at Brooklyn Museum's Family Day (NYC)

From 5-6 pm, the public is invited to join a workshop accompanying the AgitProp! exhibition. A workshop co-choreographed with facilitators Marisa Morán Jahn, Rockafella, and Vero Ramirez, participants will pick up new bumpin’ dance moves (for any levels and any body types) while learning about the family and worker-led movement based on the principle of Fair Care=Quality Care. At 6 pm, we’ll share out these moves around the CareForce One, hear live stories by The Moth, and passersby can pick up FairCare toolkits.

April 29th, 2016, 5-9 pm (dance at 5:15-6 pm) | Dance Workshop + Mobile Studio at Open Engagement 2016: Power. The Oakland Museum (Bay Area, CA)

Join the CareForce One + live singing by domestic worker superhero Guillermina Castellanos to kick off this annual conference about socially engaged art.

Apr 7-Aug 14, 2016 | Workshop + Mobile Studio at National Nanny Training Day (Cambridge)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Tang Center, 2 Amherst Street, Floor 3, Cambridge, MA 02139
Hosts: Hosts: Matahari and CareAcademy

Join the CareForce One and 250 nannies in co-choreographing a new dance about the growing movement for caregivers’ rights! Our workshop will take place at lunchtime but you can catch the car on view throughout the conference and take home a CareForce Legal Kit and superhero-themed collectible cards featuring stories from those at the frontlines of care.

mid-Apr, 2016 | Outreach + Mobile Studio (Boston)

Join the MA Coalition for Domestic Workers and Brazilian Worker Center for outreach to workers at pit stops throughout Boston’s libraries, parks, community centers, transit hubs, and public spaces.

March 30, 2016, 5-8 pm | Workshop + Mobile Studio Northeastern University's Center for the Arts (Boston)

“Designing a CareForce Toolkit for the Panini Generation”
Using drawing and movement, participants will brainstorm innovative tools to help bolster the FairCare movement and reach younger generations. This workshop is open to NEU students and is a component of Dr. Alessandra Renzi’s course, “The Border as Medium.”

March 29, 2016, 4:30-6 pm | Reception for CareForce One mobile studio
Northeastern Crossing (Boston)

1175 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120
Hosts: Northeastern University’s Social Impact Lab in partnership with Social Justice Resource Center, Northeastern Crossing, Northeastern Center for the Arts, and Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research.

Join the CareForce's Marisa Morán Jahn and Natalicia Tracy (Exec Dir, Brazilian Worker Center) for a reception that caps off a day-long symposium (“Making a Difference in a Complex World: Reimagining the Social Change Toolkit”) of thought-provoking conversations and practical workshops on responding to complex humanitarian crises, mapping networks and systems, collaborative problem solving, the power of policy and public office to address systemic problems and more.

Feb 27, 2016 | Workshop at EFA Project Space, NYC

Workshop for an accompanying exhibition entitled Let Down Reflex. Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (323 W. 39th St., 2nd Fl, NYC). Curated by Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn with sessions led by Maiko Tanaka, Christa Donner, and Marisa Morán Jahn, this workshop explores structural questions at the intersection of the art worker, care and social reproduction.

February 26, 2016 | Panel at Transcultural Exchange (Boston)

The Work of Art in the World: Civic Agency and Public Humanities. Marisa Morán Jahn joins author Harvard professor Doris Sommer and others in a panel about social engagement.

CareForce Matching Crowdfunding Campaign

Thank you for joining us in our crowdfunding campaign!

Nov 17 and 18, 2015 - New York City

CareForce drawing workshops at Pay It Forward, a symposium at Fieldston Ethical Culture Society, The New School and New York University.

Sept 14-23, 2015 - York, PA to DC

100 Miles 100 Women. The CareForce joins one hundred women on a 100-mile pilgrimage from a detention center in York County, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. Set to arrive when the Pope will be speaking in Congress and meeting with the President, we will walk carrying stories from a site of human suffering to the Pope with a message of human dignity.

6/18/15 - Detroit

Domestic Worker Disco at the Allied Media Conference

6/16/15 - New York City

Domestic Worker Disco Dance Practice to honor International Domestic Workers Day

6/13/15 - 8/30/15 - Stamford, CT

Exhibition at Franklin Street Works: Acting on Dreams Exhibition curated by Yaelle Amir. Other artists: Andrea Bowers, CultureStrike & JustSeeds, Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani, Ghana ThinkTank, Jenny Polak, Favianna Rodriguez, and QUEEROCRACY in collaboration with Carlos Motta.


"Caring is a team sport. The CareForce is about winning the care system we need as a collective movement— and we need creativity to achieve this goal."

Ai Jen Poo

Founder, the National Domestic Workers Alliance;
Co-Founder, Caring Across Generations;

Our Story, Our Solutions

Artist Marisa Morán Jahn is part of the ‘Sandwich (or Panini) Generation’ who feels squeezed between the caregiving needs of both generations. “Caregivers play an essential role in teaching my toddler new skills, ensuring my grandmother stays healthy, and allowing me to go to work. The well-being of my family relies on these amazing women and I want to make sure they are in turn well-cared for. We together form a critically interdependent CareForce that inspires me.”

In 2012, Jahn and her teammates created the Domestic Worker App (accessible by even the most basic flip phone) — think Click and Clack on NPR’s Car Talk but for nannies — which CNN included on its list of “5 apps that can change the world.” Next came the NannyVan, a bright orange mobile design studio and sound lab that accelerates the movement for domestic workers rights. In 2014, the NannyVan drove over 3500 miles, reached 10,000 individuals, and millions more through international media. Gleaning and sharing tips along the way, we created a suite of other tools like a sample bilingual contract, know-your-rights tools (see below), and more. Framed under The CareForce, we continue forging new solutions with self-same superhero zeal.

In 2015, Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmaker Yael Melamede (SALTY Features) joined the team as a Co-Director/Co-Producer to shape the footage gathered on the journey and share the story to an even broader audience.


We are passionate about developing tools that impact the lives of domestic workers, parents, and all those involved in caregiving. Our secret mojo: sound research, creativity, and playfulness to render even the driest of policy fun and juicy. Check out these resources that we’ve developed over the past four years and contact us to see how we can support your needs.

Pics & Photo Gallery

A know-your-rights dance that narrates the history and movement of domestic workers.

CareForce Disco at LA City Hall

CA Domestic Worker Coalition, 2016

The NannyVan

Augmented Reality

30 sec video demo

Collectible cards tell the stories of those on the frontlines of care. Use your phone to scan the portraits and unlock bonus micro-animations.

CareForce Collectible Cards

Pocket Stories + Micro-animations

The NannyVan

NannyVan Trailer

2.5 minutes

Prints, interactive media (augmented reality), and take-aways.


Prints + Interactive Media

Massachusetts Domestic Worker resources

Know Your Rights Bus Cards


Replete with recording mic, colored pencils, and other sundries, this creative media jump kit goes where the NannyVan can't.

NannyVan A-Go-Go

Creative Media Jumpkit

Accessible by any kind of phone. Think Click and Clack on NPR's Car Talk but for nannies!

Domestic Worker App Trailer

2.5 minutes

This informative and fun to color pages get colored in by kids then make it onto the fridge to share with the rest of the family!


Trickle up Tips for families!

This drawing, storytelling, and acting workshop helped create new characters for the California episodes of the Domestic Worker App.


Philippino Worker Center, Los Angeles, 2014

This storytelling, drawing, and acting workshop generated creative content for the health and safety episodes of the Domestic Worker App.

Domestic Worker Doo-Wop

Brazilian Worker Ctr, Boston 2014

This drawing, acting, and storytelling workshop generated new characters featured in the California episodes of the Domestic Worker App.


CA Domestic Worker Coalition, 2014




Lead Artist + Co-Director, Co-Producer: Marisa Morán Jahn
Co-Director & Co-Producer: Yael Melamede
Co-Pilot: Anjum Asharia
Key Collaborators: Natalicia Tracy (Brazilian Worker Center), Guillermina Castellano (Mujeres Unidas), Jules Rochielle (NuLawLab), Steve Shada
Web Series Director: Marc Shavitz Cinematographers/Photographers: Maggie Carroll, Stephen Zacks, Nick Capezzera

Ai-Jen Poo, Exec Dir, NDWA; Co-Founder, Caring Across Generations
Eric Siegel, Content Director, New York Hall of Science
Lina Srivastava, Media Impact Strategist
Christiane Paul, Curator (The Whitney Museum of American Art)
Tricia Wang, Tech Ethnographer
Aina Abiodun, Immersive Media Producer; Founder (StoryCode)
Mike Knowlton, Founder (StoryCode) and Partner (Murmur)
Mark Harris, Partner (Murmur)
Sunny Bates, Founding Board Member (TED Talks, Creative Capital, Kickstarter)
Kendal Henry, Director, New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program

Field: Anya Krawcheck, Ursula August, Chanelle Bell, Leo Burd, Narbada Chetri, Sasha Constanza-Chock, Sarah David Heydemann, Lydia Edwards, Katie Joaquin, Marijke Jorritsma, Irene Jor, Harold Moss, Monique Nguyen, Namrata Pradhan


NuLawLab at the Northeastern University School of Law, MIT Center for Civic Media, SALTY Features, Flickerlab, Murmur Terravoz, Brazilian Immigrant Center, MIT Open Doc Lab, Arizona State University Art Museum, Queens Museum, 18th St. Arts, Hand in Hand: Domestic Employer Association, National Employment Law Project, Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center , The California Coalition of Domestic Workers, affiliated and unaffiliated domestic worker groups across the nation.


Nicole Arendt, Shannon Brunette, Siddartha Lokandi, Cameron Russell, Students at MIT Center for Civic Media, NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, University of Illinois Chicago, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and other schools.